Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dye Group meeting in March

Mesa Fiber Arts Guild Dye Group Meeting 

Saturday March 21st  10AM - Noon

Color Creek Fiber Art 
1150 North 25th St Unit B
Grand Junction, CO 81501   (970) 778-5985
We will work with the variety of ways to discharge color for yarns or fabric that is too even or not the right color.

· There are several methods for discharging or removing color out of yarn or fabric. We'll explore what works, what is best for the fiber and what doesn't work.

· Bring skeins of wool, silk or cotton or even polyester/cotton or wool blends. If you have fabric or a shirt that needs a color change, bring those. Nothing larger (i.e. jeans or several yards of cloth). Acetate fiber will work, but 100% polyester and acrylic does not.

· If there is time; you can re-dye the item(s) or wait until our next meeting. 

Member fee is $5.00 for materials, non-members $10.

Non-members may attend once; otherwise we ask that non-members become members at the next meeting.

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