Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Knit Group at the Library and Slow TV

Knit group and Lynne W's knitting
Lynne, Thank you for taking care of the newsletter this year. You are our hero. I'm so sorry I missed your beautiful mug on BOTH photos. My bad. Photography is not my strongest skill.

I forgot to mention this morning that I discovered SLOW TV, from Norway and it's now available on Netflix (since Aug 5th). For more information Click here or go to this link:

Happy Knitting, Lynnie

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Typo on Membership Roster for September 2016

  • I found a typo on Pat McV's email. Please change the "j" to a "p" on her email address
  • And one more typo has been identified: add "" to Trulie's O's. email address

The 2016-2017 Guild season begins

Yesterday, I attended the Mesa Fiber Arts Guild first meeting of the new season. When I got home, I worked on the membership roster. Afterwards, I looked around on the web for fiber events and found some websites of interest.

First of all, here is the website for our organization: and all you need to know about anything MFA Guild is there.

Try for a listings of fiber related workshops and conferences.

Our neighboring state to the south has several interesting fiber-y things to do.  and that reminds me of a trip some MFA Guild members took in 2015. You can read about it here:

We have several new members, including Stephanie F, who recently retired and is a quilter looking for a new adventure in fiber arts. She won the raffle for the Sunshine club! What could be better for a new member? Happy Dance!

The last rug hookers group met at the home of Judy Br. I took a couple of photos (below). Our next meeting for the hookers is in Delta at the home of Holly S. on the 4th Saturday in October. We should carpool, don't you think?