Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Last month, (Dec 12th, 2014) the Guild received a letter to the editor on our website. Read it below.

Hi Paul,

I wanted to say thanks for your webpage, http://www.mesafiberartsguild.org/Links.aspx. My name is Julie, and my family and I are planning some fiber arts projects for Christmas gifts. Your page has some great information and resources we'll be able to reference. Thanks a ton for compiling them!

I also wanted to share a useful spinning resource that my daughter Aubrey found while helping me, http://mjjsales.com/spinning-wool-and-other-textiles.html . Can you add this to your resources webpage? She's very into fiber arts, but her friends don't share her enthusiasm, so I thought this would give her some extra encouragement. :-) And I thought your other visitors would find it useful.

If you have any good project ideas for us, let me know! Happy Holidays!

Julie Loomis

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