Tuesday, January 27, 2015

February 2015 Thrums from Paula O.

Ahhh, February! Month of hope that winter will soon turn to spring! Valentine's Day! Presidential Birthdays! February gives us all sorts of inspiration for fiber projects: saying "I love you" to friends and family, stockpiling to sell at Spring bazaars and craft fairs, making something bright and Spring-y to be ready for warmer weather, or just making things with cherries on them because it's fun. 
At this month's Guild meeting, we have Lynn H. showing us how to make yarn from tee-shirts. You can use this kind of bulky yarn several ways, and I know this will be an interesting program!

Next month, Roz will encourage us to recycle fibers and materials we have around the house to make new fun jewelry and clothing. Roz's wonderful imagination can jump start all sorts of ideas for fiber projects!

We have several new members in the Guild, so when you see a new face at a meeting, introduce yourself and find out what interests you and the new folks have in common! And remember to wear your name tag! (Alas, this is advice from the person most likely to forget and to have to make a new one at the meeting!)

Finally, remember to bring your show-and-tell projects so that you can be in the drawing for a prize at the May meeting.

Until the weather warms up, we can use February's cool days to hole up and play with fiber! Go have a good time and make something wonderful!


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