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September 2015 Newsletter

Guild Meetings
Wednesday 2 September meeting
  • !  Besides a short business meeting, we’ll review programs, events and "The Challenge” for our 2015-16 Season.
  • !  Lynn H will help with access to our website and blog after the meeting.
    Thursday 3 September NITE meeting
  • !  “Painting with Fiber: Creating Exciting and Individualized Yarn from Soffsilk.”!sof fsilk-/c8hs
  • !  Bring your spinning wheel, drop spindle, carders, combs, etc.
    Color Creek Fiber Art, 1150 North 25th St.,

    Unit B, Grand Junction, CO 81501,
    (970) 778-5985. 6-7:30 PM.
  • !  Saturday 12 September 9:30
  • !  Brenda W. hosting
  • !  Our theme this season is "Asian
  • !  We’ll discuss programs and hosting
    Dyers: Next meeting is in TBD at Color Creek. Stay tuned for more info.
    The dyers meet quarterly on a Saturday 10am
    Noon at the Color Creek Fiber Art,
1150 North 25th St., Unit B, Grand Junction, CO 81501,
For more information call Mary at 778-5985
Rug Hookers: Rug Hooking, punching, etc. group meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at 9:30 AM at Coffee Shop in the Redlands. Call Judy Br if you need directions. New members are always welcome.
Knitters: Our next meeting will be at Mary Jo's. An e-mail will be sent out with directions closer to the date.
The Knitter's meet on the 2 Wednesday of
the month at 9:30am at different members’ homes. There are no planned activities, but its a chance to knit and exchange ideas with other knitters.
Spinners: Meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month 9:30 11:30 am at the First Congregational Church on 5th and Kennedy across the street from GJ High School. All members are welcome. Call Lynn H. 462- 6641 if you have questions.
Hey ewe! I hope your summer has been full of lots of enjoyable time with family and friends, long days in the sun and fibers between your fingertips. It's been so hot that I haven't been particularly keen to sit down by the creek with my pipe, a cuppa and my
September 2015 Newsletter
Specialty Group Meetings
Guild Mission Statement Article II: Purpose Mesa Fiber Arts Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of fiber arts: weaving, spinning, knitting, surface design, fiber dyeing and related fiber arts. The Guild seeks to advance fiber arts through shows, workshops, study groups, community involvement and a monthly newsletter. As members of the Mesa Fiber Arts Guild we have a responsibility to represent our Guild in the best possible light. Since we are a fiber arts group, it is suggested the whenever possible our members use high quality fibers in their projects when demonstrating to the public and participating in Guild sponsored events.
Message from the President
2|Page Mesa Fiber Arts Guild Newsletter
knitting, so I'm looking forward to cooler weather.
Thank you for entrusting this busy sheep herder with the opportunity to serve the Guild. Please bear with me as it can be difficult to juggle life, livestock, business and still manage to live amongst the human folk.
I'd like to take a moment to thank Nancy Black for her proficient service as Guild Secretary, and also to thank out-going board members for their dedication. I think Nancy gave us a false address for her new home in Arizona so that we couldn't have her captured and returned to her secretarial role...Or so that we don't show up on her doorstep when the Colorado weather waxes inclement. Joking aside, take a moment to wish she and JR well in their new adventure, please.
Have you all made plans for the autumn fiber festivals and workshops? I think that Beka and I will be headed for Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September... We'll be selecting some rams there to bring back with more ewes who will be coming from Western Montana to join our flock. We were blessed to have our Shetland clip contracted to Elemental Affects in California for their specialty yarn lines. Lots of exciting things are happening up here at the ranch. We are being courted by a knitwear designer from Spain to develop a merino yarn line for retail in the States, and we are planning an expansion into a fine wool range flock. Our summer grazing projects have mostly gone well, with the ewes only escaping onto North First Street once.
I've been trying to research more about Shetland textiles as I promote artisans and wool from the "short sheep" through @Shetland_Wool on Twitter and the group Shetland Wool on Facebook. Is anyone from
our Guild going to Shetland Wool Week? I'm hoping to attend next October and visit crofter and artisan friends while on the Islands. Hopefully
USDA and the EU will come to terms soon so we can import genetics from remote populations and secure some of the rarer traits and markings in the breed in populations here in the States, Canada and the British mainland. Oh, how the North Atlantic is calling me...
I'll be rebuilding a website for the guild and attempting to post regular material to the Facebook page. Please send me photographs and descriptions of projects that you would like me to share. It's nice to see what others are working on for inspiration.
What do you think about working together to design a local Tartan? Local designers, weavers and fibers. I've also been kicking the idea of a fashion show of sorts for wearable art or clothing designs that our guild could host.
We've also been discussing a challenge to be issued to other South-West region guilds. We could issue the challenge for handspun yarns and original designs in woven, knit, crochet and felt structures. What do you think?
I've started some discussion among the sheep folk about locally hosting a hill, Island and ancient breed show and fiber festival. Sheep breeds like Jacob, Cheviot, Welsh Mountain, Soay, Icelandic, Gotland, Shetland and others would have a venue where their respective breed standards and traditional forms would be less overlooked by judges, who are required to rule by Natural Colored Woolgrowers Association guidelines. I think this would be an excellent way to bring our guild out to a more nationally recognized position as well.
3|Page Mesa Fiber Arts Guild Newsletter
Remember to attend the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials the first weekend of September! If you come with your spinning wheel or loom and actively work on your project while spectating, your admission is free. Free! They are trying to get enough people for a couple of teams for a sheep to shawl competition too. The administration of the Trials are trying to emphasize that the sheep are the reason for the dogs- and while we do love our lamb and mutton dishes, the wool and our craft are very important sectors of the industry.
I hope everything is going well for all of you. All love from the Lloyds!
Yn ei gariad dyddiau f'oes!"
ALL photos are posted in glorious color on the Mesa Fiber Arts Blog at
The blog belongs to the Guild. All members may post fiber related photos, articles and/or information.

Contact or for password.
Our Facebook page address is: rartsguild/ Please Like our Facebook page.
You will be receiving a survey via email from Margaret so be sure to open the survey for the Guild. Thanks for your participation.
Upcoming Events Event Reports
Specialty Groups News
Knitters Meeting August 12, 2015
Gail P.
Twelve knitters were at the meeting and we had a great time showing off our projects and talking techniques. We said farewell to Nancy B. and wished her well on her move to Arizona. She will be missed. We all send good thoughts for a speedy recovery to Dean and Trulie
See June Newsletter for May minutes
Please check monthly for ANNOUNCMENTS and POST your own announcements and PHOTOS on our Blog and Facebook pages
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Meeting Minutes 2015
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4|Page Mesa Fiber Arts Guild Newsletter
Balance Income
8.00 10.00 18.00
Treasurer’s Report May 16, 2015
Yarn/fiber sale TOTAL INCOME

BALANCE 4/16/15 3303.92
and new business at our meetings. Please designate specific members of your group to gather reports and take photos for submission to the newsletter editor The deadline for inclusion in the newsletter is the 3rd Monday of the month prior. We appreciate you emailing the group reports by the monthly deadline. THANK YOU in advance for all your contributions.
Till Next Time...
President - Jared L Vice President Ricki H and LaVonne H Secretary - Nancy B
Treasurer - Ann K

Newsletter Editor - Margaret E
Mentor for President
Dean M. Membership Comm Lynn H & Mary Jo N Evening Group Leaders Mary W
The Fine Print...
Newsletter: The Mesa Fiber Arts Guild Newsletter is published monthly from February through June. Deadline to submit material is the third Monday of the month prior. Publication of articles and advertisements does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the Guild.
Business ads: must be computer ready. Monthly rates are $5 for up to 5 lines; $10 for 6 lines up to 1/4 page; $10 for a half page; and $25 for a full page. Payment must be received before ad will be printed. Send payment to: Mesa Fiber Arts Guild Treasurer PO Box 4945 GJ, CO 81501 Please indicate that the payment is for a business ad. Personal ads: are free to members. Cost to nonmembers for non-business ads is $5/month.
Membership Dues: Payable in September-$25 for individuals, $35 per household. Send dues to: Mesa Fiber Arts Guild Treasurer PO Box 4945, GJ, CO 81501 From the Newsletter
Staff: MANY thanks to all who submitted news and photos for the newsletter! Individual group reports are in the newsletter so we can focus on programs

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