Monday, September 1, 2014

Recycling yarn bits

I am trying out yarn recycling here, knitting from balls of tag ends yarn I've tied together.  I have a wicker suitcase full of tiny balls of leftover yarn that hide there, hoping I will forget about them.  No.  I will find a way to use them up!   So begins the project of sorting and tying together bits and pieces in color themes.  Then what to do with them?  Well, a simple stocking cap works and will keep someone's head warm this winter!

Here are the first 4 efforts:
Too much fun to see the striped bands change.  It's also fun to makeup the yarn balls in colorways.

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  1. I love your colorways and it's the best thing EVER that you are using materials on hand instead of going and buying stuff. You are so crafty Paula! Thanks for sharing. - lh